Miscellaneous - Big Data, Lifestyle, and Some Changes

I haven't written or shared my random thoughts for a long time... In fact, I haven't written a weekly journal for several weeks, and I have a lot of things I want to say, so let me slowly talk about it.

It has been two months since I came to college. Let's not talk about other things, but my daily routine has become increasingly irregular... The latest record is staying in the chat group until 12:40, and I go to bed as early as 11 o'clock. The alarm clock set for 6:40 in the morning may not wake me up. After turning it off, I wake up in a daze and find that it's already 7:30, which has become a daily routine. Although you may already be used to it, for someone like me who used to stick to resting at 10 o'clock at night, it is still considered insufficient sleep, which leads to my daily mental state not being good, and I often experience sudden madness and depression. I once doubted whether I had bipolar disorder, but then I realized that I shouldn't attribute such a serious illness to myself, so I quickly dismissed this judgment.

Grade 8 Politics: Be the master of emotions

Me: Being controlled by emotions like a cyber lunatic

Speaking of being a cyber lunatic, I recently updated the Minecraft skin that I have been wanting to update. Although I only changed the head, I'm planning to go for an alien head look (alien heads are really cool, aren't they?). I also want to design a few new sets of clothes...

--- (The above was written by No. 1, and it happened to be a good start, so I'll start writing from here) ---

These past few days, I found that I had a fever for some unknown reason... (Even though I was dressed warmly) Coupled with the low mood caused by failing every item in the physical fitness test, I went to ask a friend whom I don't often contact for advice. To my surprise, this friend who usually only discusses technology-related topics and even likes to delete messages actually gave me detailed advice (to be honest, I really doubt what kind of work this person does). Since I'm almost recovered today, I have decided to slowly put the advice into practice (although I think I still won't be able to control my mouth).

During the weekend, when I was able to think clearly, I opened Blockbench and updated the skin from top to bottom, although it's not completely updated, I have achieved the basic goal. But when I tried to use Novaskin Wallpaper to render the image, I found that it had been down for a long time, so I had to learn how to do it myself... However, my limited knowledge and skills couldn't even understand the basics of Mine-imator (I can't even install it on Arch, let alone use it), and there are few Chinese tutorials...

One of the characters (I took a screenshot directly from Blockbench):
One of the characters

The rest of the time, I just lie on the bed, not too big or too small, watching Bilibili videos and laughing at silly videos. I keep watching for a long time... (If no one chats with me) Later, I started watching a few virtual streamers and got really into it, but luckily it didn't take up too much of my time... It's not troublesome to deal with.

Today, by chance, I stumbled upon this video, "Has Algorithms Gone Too Far?" (, and with doubts, I opened this video that I had watched a long time ago (to be honest, I don't remember much about it). At the same time, I read the comments and saw phrases like "popular is not really popular" and "Bilibili is the same", which made me feel scared, so I closed the video.

If for some reason you can't watch the video, here is a summary:

In the internet era, big data has permeated every aspect of our lives, even affecting the content of comments we see. Algorithms continuously push homogeneous content based on personal preferences, creating a personalized little world for us, showing what we want to see and hear, making people sink deeper and unable to extricate themselves. At the same time, big data also brings many problems, such as information cocoons, induced consumption, and price discrimination. We need to keep a clear mind and be vigilant against being manipulated by data analysis.

The issue of big data has been a long-standing problem, no matter how it is discussed, the viewpoints are already there. It's boring to talk about "price discrimination" and "information cocoons", and most of them are just spreading their own opinions and then leaving a mess behind, without telling everyone "what should I do?" What's even more dramatic is that I saw this video through the recommendation of big data. Now, I have no choice but to go back to watching videos because I have nothing else to do.

Big data has been closely integrated with various industries for many years, and it is almost impossible to escape from it (unless you really only use decentralized concepts like Matrix and Mastodon, which can hardly be considered as big data). However, it is unwise to give up using related services just because of these disadvantages without considering the advantages. But I can't come up with specific ways to do it, I can only say some empty words like "making effective use of big data" and "improving oneself" (because I am still greatly affected by it).

Also, during the weekend, I switched back from using GNOME, which I had been using in a virtual machine for half a year, to KDE Plasma, and I found the world becoming so clear. Now I am keeping some GNOME-related things for trial, and I will officially migrate after observing for a while.


By the way, with the help of a friend (and Google search), I solved the strange Chinese encoding problem when viewing and extracting zip files in Linux. Great! (Completely abandoning 7-zip on Wine (I'm sure about that))

It seems like there's nothing else to say. My mental state hasn't been good recently, and my articles are disjointed. This one was also written intermittently.

Recently, I have voluntarily suspended updates on Telegram because I was reposting unverified information mixed with overly subjective opinions. I'm also afraid to write anything, afraid that I might say something inaccurate or quote things randomly, causing misunderstandings. At the same time, it's also a way to prevent myself from overthinking, so I have also suspended the weekly report. Perhaps I really need to vent my emotions.

In the future, I may still talk about recent situations in this kind of miscellaneous way, with a time span of about a week, so it can be considered a weekly report, but the update frequency is not high. I'm considering a new format for the year-end summary, and I will write it when I'm in a good mental state, hopefully before the end of the year.

My website has very little traffic, and I guess no one has noticed this person with poor physical and mental health. Finally, thank you for patiently reading this far, and feel free to give me any relevant suggestions. I really need them.

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