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A few weeks ago, I read the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde written by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was such a fascinating story that I lost my heart in it.

The book told a shocking story about a strange chemist Henry Jekyll. He was a man who had “a double life” and wanted to separate the two sides in order to change the situation. He then did some scientific work and successfully make it. The evil side of him, who was called Edward Hyde, became a secret to Dr. Jekyll. As time passed, He did evil things as Edward Hyde and was shocked by the things he did. His friends, Mr. Utterson and others, was worried about him and also want to find out the facts. And eventually, Mr. Utterson also learned the terrible secret after Jekyll’s death.

In my opinion, this book written by Robert Louis Stevenson was both thoughtful and interesting. While reading, you may be curious about a lot of mysteries , for example , the appearance and disappearance of Mr. Hyde . And anyway, it was all explained in “Henry Jekyll’s story” , which made it clear for the story.

All in all, I recommended all of you to read this book. It was, and still is ,one of Robert Louis Stevenson’s most popular stories.