Weekly Journal #3 - A Calm Week?

Note: Unless otherwise specified, we define the current week as the seven days from 2023.10.09 to 2023.10.15.

When you see this article, I guess you might be wondering about a few things:

  1. Why did the blog style change so much?
  2. Where is last week's weekly report?
  3. Why did the updates temporarily stop?
    So, in order to satisfy the curiosity of some readers, or to answer the questions I raised myself, I will intersperse some details in the following content.

This week is considered the official start of classes, but there are also more annoying things than usual. As a teacher, learning should be the top priority, but it is inevitable to be troubled by various activities that are forcibly stuffed into the pocket.
It is called the "second classroom," but in reality, it is just a large portal to other domestic major application software (although it is not considered large in this era with only a little over 50MB). As the saying goes, "people die for wealth, birds die for food." As a teacher, apart from being troubled by schoolwork, one also has to be tormented by this "second classroom," which is truly sad.
Oh, it turns out I am also within this range, so it's okay (:

The new things for me this week are only the foreign language class and the "Battle of a Hundred Clubs" (referring to the various clubs setting up stalls and competing with each other on weekends).
The foreign language class (officially called English Speaking) is completely because I became a prominent member of a class (or at least I don't think so) and helped the foreign teacher a little, although it was more about recommending a song (:

I have always thought that the clubs would have a bigger presence, because I don't think there are only the associations that have been promoted before, after all, there are no sports clubs, etc. Then when I woke up on Saturday afternoon and took a look, oh, it turns out that the stalls only started today, but they are under another school organization, so it's not much different.
So in the afternoon, I took a leisurely stroll around the booths, and then chose to join the Astronomy Association and the Foreign Language Association (?
(The reason for choosing to join is only because besides these, there are only traditional culture, sports, and art clubs that I am not good at and can't really get involved in... and there is also the factor of being preached by classmates for clubs like astronomy)
Later, I learned that this event is called the "Battle of a Hundred Clubs" at our school. I didn't expect it to start so late...

The photography club also has little black ones (喜

At least for now, this week has been going smoothly, but some things I'm about to mention below may break these views.

Around the end of the National Day holiday, I received my first task - to redesign a Bootstrap template page for someone. From the perspective of not angering the client, I can't say it directly, I can only say that the requirements are really demanding, the task is very complicated, and the freedom to do things is not high, just simple copy and paste. So I kept delaying it until this week, and then I worked overtime in the evenings when I had time. It can be said that it occupied most of my rest time.
I planned to write a weekly report this week, but when I started writing on the computer, either my thoughts were unclear or there were requirements for the task mentioned above, so I didn't have time to write.

Regarding the weekly report, I started preparing for last week's report at the end of last week, but on Tuesday morning, I accidentally cleared the cookies for xlog and lost all the drafts. I also didn't have a local backup. Later, when I created a new file locally and wanted to make up for it, I was called to do the task again, so I postponed it to this weekend of this week, but I didn't have the mood to write anymore.
But the task ended quickly too. When I was still complaining about how difficult the task was on Wednesday, the client suddenly said I didn't need to do it anymore and asked me to deliver it. After delivering it, when I recalled the requirements that were raised before and my exhausted state (I really couldn't sleep well for a couple of days), I posted the following post to announce the temporary suspension of activities:

Starting from tomorrow, I will take a break, no more tasks, no more coding, and the blog articles will be temporarily suspended. The recovery time is yet to be determined, and there will be more regular updates in daily life. source

As for the change in style, that's another story. Around last week, when I opened xlog, I suddenly saw that the style of my site had changed to the default style. At that time, I thought it was a bug. But then on Tuesday of this week, when I checked the drafts, I found that the settings in the custom CSS were empty... and there was no feedback from anyone. Could it be my own problem?
Recently, due to issues with the site's certificate, the main site has crashed more than once this week, and there have been some problems every time I opened it... it's really Pandora's box.
It seems that I need to back up the styles in the future. I recently subscribed to zeabur, so I might have to move back there later.
I'm almost becoming a migratory bird (:

Because this article is being published after a long time, I have forgotten most of the details, so I will stop here. I won't make a cover either.
It's almost the end of the year again, maybe I need to start preparing for my annual summary.
Since this article is being published after a boring week, I won't write a weekly report. I probably won't write it frequently in the future either. I plan to write something about hacker culture and software intellectual property rights in the lab soon.
This is my first time using Neovim to write, and it feels good. I can continue using it in the future (:
See you next time!
(By the way, I hope diygod can pay attention to the issues mentioned above (?)

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