Weekly Journal #2 - Overcoming "Social Anxiety" Attribute

In reality, I belong to the type that doesn't like to communicate with others very much. And a few months ago, when I retested my MBTI, I found that my introverted nature was still very high, confirming this judgment.

However, as a fox wandering in a river full of English fish, "speaking" has become an important part of improving my professional level (the four aspects of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing). So when I entered school, I planned to try my best to change the situation - just this month, I have participated in at least two group interviews, making an effort to interact with friendly people.

Last weekend, I went to the interview of the college student union, but because of my carelessness, I didn't submit the registration form. However, with the thought that maybe it would still work out, I went to the interview site in the drizzling rain, greeted the senior students at the scene, and anxiously waited (because it was a spontaneous decision, I didn't prepare any materials). Fortunately, the interview process went smoothly, and the senior students from the Information Technology Department didn't make it too difficult for me. As I was writing my last weekly journal, I was successfully hired. (But it could also be because there were too few people in the department for the interview...)

To be honest, I was quite nervous during the interview process because it was the first time I faced the interviewers in front of so many people (I don't know how to describe it, so let's just say that). But after the interview, I felt a sense of relief, like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

I still remember what the teacher said in our comprehensive English class on Wednesday when guiding us to speak. The general idea was that there is a difference between social anxiety and shyness. One is not willing to initiate conversations but can talk endlessly once they start, while the other genuinely doesn't want to talk and is reserved in speech.
(But I really forgot the corresponding relationship between the two, and I'm in a bad state while writing this, with leaks in the roof and continuous rain, and Bing is not working, so I can only leave it for now.)

This sentence inspired me a lot. Later, I thought that "social anxiety" itself is a type defined by humans. As the saying goes, rules are dead, but people can be alive (note: no incitement to illegal or negative behavior). In other words, people can break free from this framework by doing certain things.
I felt even more relieved and everything became clearer.

Oh, if you've read this far, you might be wondering about the other interview. Although it doesn't fall within the scope of this week, I'll briefly mention it in case someone is curious:
There is a "University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center" directly managed by the Academic Affairs Office at school (in simpler terms, it's a science and technology innovation center plus a bunch of related clubs, but it's a basic version). Before the open day collective visit, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get in touch with technology, so I quickly filled out their registration form while they were "preaching". After that, there was a relatively long wait after registration, followed by an interview and a second interview, but the second interview didn't concern me because I didn't pass the first interview (crying).

Because it was the first week of classes, the academic pressure wasn't too great. Except for comprehensive English and phonetics, which require active participation, the rest can be considered as being invisible, which is really friendly to me for the time being (.

Of course, in order to solve this problem of mine, I also "spent an extra 5 yuan on a 3D printer" (source) and joined an association in the maker space. I have been there four or five times, but until the seminar this week, I didn't really think about the meaning of the money spent until the night before I went home, when I attended the seminar and got these two things for free:
I feel like the money was well spent
I feel like the money was well spent.

The atmosphere in their association is relatively harmonious and friendly (core values?), at least at night.
I vaguely remember the awkward scene at one point - besides the sharing session, there was also a process of experiencing laser engraving for free, and the finished product could be taken home (something like the one above). However, hardly anyone came during the whole night. When the sister from the modeling department asked in the group if anyone else was coming, I threw out a bait in the group, asking if those who hadn't registered could come. Of course, I was eventually discovered because of the photos taken on-site. The subsequent conversation was quite awkward for a while, but then it loosened up (thanks to the phrase "don't be so restrained"). I was even praised for "knowing more than me" because I opened Figma to show my design drafts, etc. (but I think it's mostly because I use Linux...). After that, I watched the process and also took a small NFC light from the previous event (.

There is also a Future Technology Industry Expo this week, but it doesn't have much to do with me, and the performance is not very good, like a military training performance (except for the drone performance that can't be seen from the back row), so I won't write about it.

Finally, we have come to the last part (looking up). Although this week was busy and I didn't learn much, I still managed to get through the week smoothly. How should I put it, even though we have been labeling people and may use it as a standard to judge others, "social anxiety" is actually one of the "labels" that divide groups, but we shouldn't be restricted by it and should break through it.
The MBTI test is also more about labeling ourselves and finding the feeling of being "fellow wanderers" in the vast sea of people. As for its reliability, it depends entirely on oneself.
Finally, I would like to quote a comment from the documentary "INFJ-T 4W5 Legend" on Bilibili:

"The world is wrong because it is always on the path to the right.
Only after you truly accept your true self can others accept the real you."

In a low voice: I originally wanted to use the og image playground on Vercel to create a cover, but because of cross-domain issues with the image, I temporarily used Figma to design the cover...
And the background of the cover was taken by myself at school on the last day before going home, but who would ask me.

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