Weekly Report #1 - The End of Chaotic Life

Another week has begun, and as a commitment to the post in this article, I have also joined the ranks of the weekly journal.
I'm not really willing to introduce to everyone what I have done this week in this way, but due to my academic workload and physical condition, I can only choose this common format. Also, I couldn't come up with a good cover design, so this issue will temporarily be without a cover...

To be honest, the past week and this week have been quite chaotic. The schedule for military training was quite relaxed, and there were no classes. There were also many other activities scheduled during that time (I still don't understand why the physical examination and various recruitment interviews were scheduled for this week). But fortunately, everything has temporarily come to an end.

Enjoying My Free Time#

I was assigned to a new instructor for military training, but since all the training content had already been completed the previous week, we just reviewed what we had learned. Most of the time, we were just enjoying our free time. I still can't understand why the school allocated so much time for military training, but there are definitely some benefits to it (:

Due to the weather, our military training ended one day early. However, I caught a cold on the free Sunday and felt very uncomfortable. It rained all day, so overall, it wasn't a good day.

When I wasn't doing military training, my daily routine consisted of:

  • Watching silly videos on Bilibili
  • Playing Phigros
  • Browsing social media
    In short, I didn't do much, except for a few days when I went to the maker association's lab to learn C language. But I didn't learn much (:

Hidden Gems I Discovered#

【Minecraft Modelling Tutorial】Yuushya Modelling - A Powerful Building Tool - These past few days, I've been thinking about using Minecraft to recreate a work scene as a wallpaper (of course, my computer's performance isn't that good, so it's just a thought). Luckily, I found this tutorial. - Hardware enthusiasts should be familiar with this. When my friends told me about it, I had no idea. It seems that you can get a microcontroller at a relatively low price (?
Blockbench - This tool can be used for modeling and drawing Minecraft skins, and it works quite well.

There might be more, but my memory isn't that good. I only remember these.

The Martian Rescue#

  1. Matrix now has an interface for stickers, so you can add stickers to chat rooms and apply them. It seems that it can also be bridged and ported. Previously, only Element had this feature, and it's still private.
  2. Umami analytics supports selecting a custom time range to view statistics.
  3. Bing AI has an enterprise version, but I don't know how to get it. The regular version is sufficient though.
  4. On Linux, the compiled binary file can be given executable permissions and executed using ./prod.
  5. We have a holiday on the 29th, which has been extended until the 6th, and we have a day off on the 7th. My parents told me about this.
  6. Recently, the popular Chinese songs are all old songs, with at least two years of history.

My memory is getting jumbled again, so let's leave it at that.

Plans for This Week#

  1. Learn C language, at least one-third of the book on programming.
  2. Finish writing the diary for the past three days.
  3. Quickly adapt to the new schedule and speed up.
  4. Complete the previous table.
  5. Design the cover for the weekly report.

Final Thoughts#

My memory and physical condition are getting worse and worse... I relied on all the records I could find to write this article. I don't think mechanical ascension can save me anymore; I need to find another solution (:

Since this is the first article, it's a bit mediocre. I will probably follow this structure in the future, but I need to familiarize myself with writing again.

I haven't had much inspiration lately, so feel free to share your ideas and questions with me!

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