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This article was originally published on the Halo website and is now archived here due to migration. Internet Archive Archive

Round and round. After running on the Jekyll site for about a year, this project is restarting...

In the past year, there have been no updates to articles, whether here or in the laboratory.

Now that the college entrance examination is over, I think it's time to tap the keyboard again and write some words, record or tutorial.

Why switch to Halo#

I heard before that Zeabur provides a ready-to-use Halo Service deployment

And Jekyll's theme plugin support is almost orphan-level (not really, just that the theme we used before was slow to update and not satisfactory)

I've been planning for a long time.

I have always been paying attention to the development of Halo, and based on the principle of giving it a try, I made a 2.0 configuration and found it to be okay, so I stayed here.

Although it has some unsatisfactory aspects, such as the disabled Markdown support, not even an image syntax:


hmm...but it was pretty good before 1.x, and we need to give them more time to polish 2.0, no matter from which aspect...


Zeabur deployment requires setting up preset environment variables in advance, such as HALO_EXTERNAL_URL and HALO_SECURITY_INITIALIZER_SUPERADMINUSERNAME

And it is often easier to deploy psql in the same project and initialize the database in advance

Refer to the official deployment documentation:

Pay-as-you-go is great

Other words#

Recently, I have been playing around on the microblogging platform in the Fediverse, and I want to return to longer and more in-depth content, so I suddenly decided to rebuild the main site.

Writing is not for profit, just for recording and sharing

The laboratory will still operate as a blog with faster updates and will also serve as a test bed for experimenting with new features...

In the future, I may purchase a free cloudflare s3 as an image bed to reduce expenses.

The previous things...since your Halo does not support importing Markdown files, I won't move them back for now.

If friends who have exchanged links before still want to continue exchanging links, please leave a message~

One last thing, as a Blogger, I'm back!

(Go watch Little Ball 2!)

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