The deceased passes away like this, never ceasing day or night. - "The Analects"

Another year has passed... I don't know if it's because of the busy preparation for the college entrance examination and the new experiences of entering university, but I always have a feeling that time flies by.

And in this new starting point of 2023, which marks the end of the "post-pandemic era," I have also reached a new starting point in my life - 18 years old. Although this starting point came too hastily, leaving me unprepared.

When I was preparing to write a summary of this year as it comes to an end, I found myself hesitating as in previous years - what should I write? My initial idea was to write it in the form of a system update log that most people might not pay much attention to, but when I started practicing, I realized that I am also not the type of person who often checks system updates. Just writing the introduction made my brain cells die halfway... so I gave up on that idea.

Just when I was struggling with how to write a refreshing annual summary, I remembered the annual review template I had seen before, which seemed to be rarely used by anyone. So I dug it out, took the time to fill it out, and the article was completed.

I planned to write and publish it on the last day of 2023, but in the end, it was delayed for various reasons and was only published now... Hopefully, 2024 won't be the same.

How about trying a different way to look at this annual summary? Google Slides (with template)

Reflection on the Past#

Health & Exercise#

Under the pressure of the college entrance examination and the psychological stress of university, my body survived for a year! At least there were no major illnesses other than major infectious diseases. But once I entered university, I became a fragile college student, and the probability of getting sick increased significantly (sadly).

My exercise routine was as bad as last year, and I neglected the physical fitness test. When I looked back, I found that my weight had increased by 20kg.

To make matters worse, I developed a habit of staying up late after entering university... Sleeping after midnight became a daily routine in the second half of the year.

Psychologically, I have developed a lot of anxiety due to further studies and the internet, and I have not been able to overcome it yet.

A friend told me that my weight is the root cause of my health problems, so the first priority is to control my weight...

I have decided that it's not too late to change my habits in the new year, take care of my body, exercise more, and put my plans into action.

Work & Career#

The main task of a student is to study, which is also a kind of work without material rewards.

High school life is over, hooray! It can be considered as passing a hurdle. Immediately after that, I welcomed the mixed feelings of university life and completed a semester of courses.

My work efficiency is surprisingly low. It took me several days just to write this summary. It seems that solving the problem of procrastination is still a long way to go...

I took on a project, but due to my insufficient front-end skills, the results were not good, and I was criticized.

In the new year, I will look for ways to improve efficiency, try to speed up the completion of tasks, and improve the quality of my work (reduce costs and increase laughter). At the same time, I will gradually overcome procrastination! Although it may be difficult.

I need to improve my skills, especially my professional skills (someone has told me this three or four times, although I don't know how to do it, I'll write it down).

Personal Life & Family#

Unfortunately, my life after the college entrance examination ended up being as chaotic as last year when I was at home. To put it plainly, when I have no classes, I still waste time on the internet...

Maybe I should find some hobbies to reduce this waste of time... Although it's obvious that I have no idea about it.

BTW, after the college entrance examination, I found that there seemed to be more disputes in the family over trivial matters... It's not a good thing.

Friendship & Socializing#

Let me clarify again, earth is where you e-people live, and the world where we i-people live is called the internet, thank you.

I made several new friends online this year, almost all of them from Telegram and the Fediverse.

As an INFP, I didn't make many new friends in real life this year, except for my roommate.

This year, for the first time, I was reminded by a friend that I won't be able to continue like this...

Unfortunately, I have never made any new friends simply because of writing a blog, and the comments on my blog are also very quiet...

If everything goes well, I will rebuild the laboratory after the winter vacation, and there may no longer be a comment section.

This year, I will try to make some friends. I personally think that stepping out of my comfort zone in socializing might be helpful.

Learning & Knowledge Management#

I tried to learn C language for a technology innovation-oriented club's assessment, but unfortunately, I only had a rough understanding, and I didn't study the knowledge after pointers.

I tried to read "Avalanche" (sorry, it's a novel), but I gave up reading it before I even reached halfway. It was an attempt to explore the possibility of reading e-books.

I tried to catch up on front-end knowledge, but I still haven't finished it. I will try to catch up at lightning speed in the new year (lol).

Towards the end of the year, I tried to learn English vocabulary for the CET-4 exam using a vocabulary app called "Bai Ci Zhan," which is a must for English majors.

This year, I still haven't tried any new learning methods, and I have forgotten a lot of knowledge due to poor management...

Travel & Culture#

Physically, I went to Wutai Mountain with a close high school friend, although the experience was not very pleasant... You can refer to this travelogue (my first trip this year, and it's also my first long-distance trip as far as I can remember).

Mentally, I still daydreamed as usual, but I also started consciously imagining the future in a surreal way. It may not be a good thing... right?

But after entering university this year, I haven't fully explored the campus, let alone going out of the school gate. It can be considered a big regret of this year, and I will make up for it next year!

Interests & Creativity#

Since entering university, I seem to have lost interest in many things and spend my days attending classes, doing homework, chatting in groups, and watching videos without accomplishing much.

To be honest, I have been influenced by the idea of "not doing unnecessary things," which has reduced my enthusiasm for trying new things (looking back, maybe I did a lot of useless work, lol).

Since that's the case, I will take advantage of the free time next year to explore more hobbies... because when graduation approaches, I may not have the time.

Maybe I will play some new games? Although I haven't had a detailed plan to deeply engage in playing a particular game.

About a month after the college entrance examination, I reinstalled my computer with Arch Linux, and before the new semester started, I set up a dual-boot system. Recently, I also set up secure boot. I have learned a few things in this process.

I tried using Hugo locally, and it's really fast, to say the least. If everything goes well, I will use Hugo to revamp the laboratory next year.

I tried some new services, such as Zeabur. Currently, I use it to run uptime kuma to monitor if my websites are down.

I tried using xlog, a web3 blogging platform that I initially found "distant and scary." I posted three weekly journals and one miscellaneous article on it (although it can be considered a kind of failed attempt?).

I tried running a personal channel and an exclusive channel for acquaintances on Telegram. Unfortunately, due to external pressure, I announced its closure less than three months later. I will consider reopening it in the future.

Emotions & Mental State#

Good news: I survived the pressure of the first half of the year, and my ability to withstand pressure has increased.

Bad news: My mental state plummeted as soon as I entered university. I became addicted to the internet, and feeling low and wasting time seemed to become the norm. And mentally, I still have the same old problems of pretending to be foolish in front of certain people (let's call it selectively acting weak), relying on others, and so on. There has been no improvement.

Looking back, I have also noticed that my memory has gradually deteriorated... I don't know the reason, maybe it's because I lack the consciousness to remember certain things...?

My attitude towards things is to take action! If it can be done, do it. If it should be done, do it to the best of my ability (please don't imitate).

I don't know if it's a good thing, but after learning about the concept of multiple consciousness, I seem to fit into it...

After being on the internet for so long, I feel that the phrase "everything on the internet is virtual, you can't grasp it" is true. I should seek more support and help in real-life psychology, even if it means seeking psychological counseling.

Financial Situation#

I have just started trying to manage my own money, but I don't have much experience. Fortunately, my spending habits are relatively frugal, and I only spend money on necessary things. The main expenses are probably on meals at the school cafeteria.

This seems to be fine...? I may continue this in the future.

As a student, I mainly rely on my family to provide me with living expenses regularly. Maybe in the future, I will do some work to earn some income (?

"Best" of the Year#

Greatest Achievement#

Great! I have survived another year! Considering the pressure of this year, being able to survive should be considered lucky.

I have discovered many psychological problems within myself, although the cost is a scarred heart.

Biggest Challenge#

The college entrance examination...? It should be a major hurdle for countless people. For me, the first half of the year was filled with busy preparations and the feeling of missing out on knowledge that couldn't be made up for, which posed both psychological and physical challenges.

In this regard, joining clubs and running for student council members were relatively minor challenges.

I really like a saying, "Life is full of challenges."

Plans and Outlook#

  • Practice a healthy lifestyle and habits... probably regular sleep patterns, exercise more, and pay attention to diet
    I don't expect it to bring about significant changes in my body, but I hope to be less "fragile."

  • Take my professional courses seriously, focus more on them, and find suitable learning methods

  • "Go crazy," let go of some restraints, manage relationships well, and hope to make one or two good friends

  • Take the time to explore and learn about things that interest me! I may not have time for it in the future

It seems like I have already written some of this before, so I won't repeat it. Hopefully, I won't "facepalm" myself.

But to be honest, I set goals and wishes every year, but I always forget them and never take them seriously... This year, I will make a slight change.

Final Thoughts#

Phew... Finally finished...

This year should be considered a year of "figuring things out" in a certain sense, but just like the barrage comment says, "Ah?" Many things still give me a feeling of breaking through common sense, which is a good start.

Looking at the calendar, it seems like an untimely time to publish this, after all, more than half of January 2024 has passed. Why reminisce about the past...

I also looked at the publication time of the 2022 annual summary and realized that it seems to be a pattern to publish the previous year's annual summary at the beginning of the year. Fortunately, this year's publication is relatively early...

That's all I'm going to write. Even though I'm still mentally confused at this moment, I hope that in the new year, my mental state will be more stable and normal.

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